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Dental care for all ages in 94705

94705 family dentist
94705 family dentist

Dental care for all ages means exactly that. It doesn’t mean treating everyone the same, regardless of their personal concerns or the specific issues that are typical of their age group. What is certain is that everyone, from kids to seniors, is treated as the valuable individual they are here at the practice of Jennifer Cho DDS FAGD. And your needs and preferences, along with those of your child, will be tended to with focused attention and gentle care.

Kids aren’t just small adults when it comes to their teeth. From the time that those first baby teeth begin to erupt, through to when they start to fall out on their normal schedule, and right up through the growth of adult teeth to replace and supplement those baby teeth, our 94705 family dentist is right here to provide the treatment and guidance that will give him or her the best opportunity to be cavity-free, avoid gum disease, and to transition safely and without complications from one set of teeth to the other. Along the way, our 94705 family dentist exhibits the patience and the gentle touch that will assure her or him of positive experiences. That is key, because most adults who are afraid or nervous about dental care became that way due to less than ideal dental situations in their youth. Speaking of adults, we haven’t forgotten you. At all stages of your adult life, there are ways to maximize your oral well-being so that you can have a full set of strong teeth, free of pain and complications to the greatest extent possible.

There is no better time than right now to reach out to our office and arrange a visit for you or your child to be seen by our 94705 family dentist. Why not do it right now, while you’re thinking about it?

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