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Preventive care in Berkeley

Berkeley dental office
Berkeley dental office

Preventive care is essential in helping you to avoid unnecessary treatments, pain, and other complications. At the office of Jennifer Cho DDS FAGD, we Berkeley dental office recommend a regimen of brushing and flossing at home, in conjunction with a dental examination and teeth cleaning every six months.

Dental plaque is where tooth decay and gum disease can be traced back to. It’s a form of bacteria that feels like a film. It erodes tooth enamel and irritates gum tissue, for starters. Sugar is a catalyst for the formation of plaque, so limiting your consumption of it is highly advisable. Brush upon waking, and again at bedtime, with that second round combined with vigorous flossing. This strategy will remove the majority of plaque in your mouth. The remainder, the amount that stays out of reach, hardens into tartar. For that, you need our Berkeley dental office. A professional teeth cleaning eradicates all residual plaque and tartar, including what was hidden from your at-home oral hygiene. In addition, early stage gum disease is stopped from progressing and its effects subside thanks to a teeth cleaning at our Berkeley dental office. Why twice per year? Waiting too long puts your teeth at risk for developing large cavities before they can be filled. That increases the chances for toothaches, infections, root canal, and extractions. Furthermore, your gums can become inflamed and infected, with alarming signs like persistent bad breath, bleeding when you brush, and receding gums following soon after. Your gum and bone tissue can become atrophied, and your teeth may become loose. But with preventive care, you can stop that from happening.

While it’s on your mind, why not contact our Berkeley dental office right now? Arrange a time to come in for your six month dental exam and teeth cleaning. Keep tooth decay and gum disease to a minimum, and halt their advancement.

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