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Maintaining strong, cavity-free teeth and vibrant, pink gums is a high priority, and one that we are dedicated to here at the practice of Jennifer Cho DDS FAGD. With good oral hygiene, proper diet, and healthy habits, you can make your trips to see our Berkeley dentist twice per year a routine examination and not a time to have problems addressed.

Taking care of your teeth and gums is a daily thing, not something you do occasionally. Fortunately, once you start doing so, it’s easy. Start first thing in the morning with a thorough brushing of your teeth. That film you feel on your teeth when you wake up is dental plaque. It’s bacterial, and it erodes tooth enamel, as well as irritating and reddening gums. Wash away as much of it as possible with your toothbrush. As the day progresses, consider your food choices. Your diet plays a bigger role in your dental health that you might be aware of. Our Berkeley dentist urges you to keep a close watch on your intake of sugar, and also starch (rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.). The reason for this is that those food types spur the growth of dental plaque, and the more of it that forms, the greater the chance of cavities and gum disease. Good nutrition in general is a positive for your overall health, and consequently your teeth and gums. If possible, brush your teeth after meals, too. And definitively do so before you go to bed, at which time it is ideal to perform a daily flossing. You may also want to consider a high quality dental rinse. Ask our Berkeley dentist for suggestions. You want to avoid mouthwashes and stick with rinses that are designed to remove plaque and promote oral wellness.

Along with your two visits to our office each year for a complete examination and a teeth cleaning, your attention to oral maintenance is key. Please schedule your next visit here by contacting us now.

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