Berkeley teeth whitening

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Teeth whitening in Berkley

There are reasons Berkeley teeth whitening is done. Teeth become stained because of natural aging process and normal everyday activities like drinking coffee, tea, or wine and taking certain medications. This affects the appearance of their smile and quality of life. Teeth whitening done by an experienced dentist like ours really improves their appearance, regaining their confidence.

Teeth whitening in Berkley

If you’re looking for a professional dentist who can handle your Berkeley teeth whitening, you’re in the right place. Our expert dentist, Jennifer Cho DDS FAGD can provide you with in-office teeth whitening using custom trays. If you prefer to do your teeth whitening at home, we offer in-home teeth-whitening too.  Teeth whitening is used to resolve teeth stains. In-office bleaching and at-home bleaching are the most typical. They involve the use of bleach to whiten the patient’s teeth. In-office and at-home bleaching are both very effective. However, in-office bleaching is a much quicker process that is done by our dentist, Jennifer Cho DDS FAGD in the office. If you choose to do at-home bleaching, you will be given a take-home-kit and instructions from the dentist. You would follow the instructions and would do the process at home over a period of time. If you’re unable to use bleach due to chemical sensitivities or allergies, porcelain veneer might be recommended as an alternative teeth-whitening solution in certain situations. You can rest assured that our dentist will provide you with quality teeth whitening you long for. Our goal is to help you create the healthy, beautiful white smile you desire. Aside from teeth whitening, our teeth whitening expert offers a full-range of other high quality dental services. We highly recommend that you to schedule a consultation with her so you can discuss your goals and learn about the various ways we can assist you in achieving them.

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